{N: 3month} session

Remember this sweet little guy a few months ago??…he still has his full head of hair, sweet cheeks and I just love his little double chin. Baby pudge is my favorite!! He is a sweet little guy extremely loved by his mama and dad! His mama is a natural…which I learned is also a passion extended into her job. I love watching her mother! And dad…of course too! I loved his sweet giggles and can’t wait to see how much he has grown for his 6 month session soon…The time will go by quickly! wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-39wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-12wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-20wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-31wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-21wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-6wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-9wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-35wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-30wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-25wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-10wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-11wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-14wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-7wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-4wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-34wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-28wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-27wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-2wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-29wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-16wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-8wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-6


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