{The B Family Session}

I always enjoy working with this sweet family! I can’t believe sweet A turned 4! She is shy and spunky, ha! I love watching her little (big!) personality come out after a little warming up! Her sweet parents are always so nice! And A also helped me take photos of her parents!! Maybe a little photographer in the making! Happy Birthday A! wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-7wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-9wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-5wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-4wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-6wildblossomphotographybrfamilysessionwildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-3wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-13wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-12wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-8wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-2wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-11wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-14wildblossomphotographybrfamilysession-10

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