{The C Family}: Christmas Mini

A sweet family. A Christmas Tree Farm. Smiles. Laughter. I loved watching them interact. I typically am taking families with littles and I was reminded how easy bigger kids make it for me. There were some goofy faces too though. I love big families. I am enamored with what it takes to balance 6 kids!! One amazing mom and dad for sure! Scroll down through these and watch your heart warm. The last one. Swoon. I love capturing love between a husband and wife too. It’s were it all began. Merry Christmas C Family!!wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-18wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-6wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-10wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-12wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisessionwildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-21wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-22wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-23wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-24wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-25wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-26wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-27wildblossomphotographyclappchristmasminisession-30

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