{The D Family}: Christmas Mini

Merry 1st Christmas sweet N!! He is 4 months old and I remember meeting him when that sweet little guy was 4 days old! How the time is flying by! I love this sweet family! How cute is N’s little lumberjack outfit?!? Of course it was perfect that the Christmas Tree Farm had a rick of firewood stacked up making a perfect backdrop for this sweet little guy! What a wonderful Christmas it will be as a family of three!! Merry Christmas D family! wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-13wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononlinewildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-21wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-7wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-2wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-17wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-6wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-3wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-16wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-9wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-15wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-11wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-23wildblossomphotographydaltonchristmasminisessiononline-24

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