{The B Family}

These sweet ladies are absolutely beautiful! The mornings have been a little warmer than our normal late October temperatures (we have had record highs in the 80’s)…but the colorful leaves are on point! How lovely is this mama and her girls!


{the F Family}: Mini-Session

How precious is this sweet family! Sweet baby is 9 months old and I love her facial expressions. Her mama and I share a love for all things vintage. What a beautiful afternoon for fall family photos!


{Daniels Newborn Session}: 6 days new

This sweet family crossed my path a few years ago…and now they just added a little brother to their family. There is a tenderness to this session, sweetness in the newness of life. You can see a mother’s strength and joy as she holds her sweet little one. Big brother and dad were equally as proud to hold him. This little guy was a joy to capture and I was honored to enter into their home. It’s always a priviledge to come into your homes and pray over your sweet new life and family! wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-2wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsessionwildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-25wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-4wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-5wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-6wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-7wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-3wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-8wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-9wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-24wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-10wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-11wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-12wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-13wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-14wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-15wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-16wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-17wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-18wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-19wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-20wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-21wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-22wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession-23wildblossomphotographydanielsnewbornsession25

{N: 3month} session

Remember this sweet little guy a few months ago??…he still has his full head of hair, sweet cheeks and I just love his little double chin. Baby pudge is my favorite!! He is a sweet little guy extremely loved by his mama and dad! His mama is a natural…which I learned is also a passion extended into her job. I love watching her mother! And dad…of course too! I loved his sweet giggles and can’t wait to see how much he has grown for his 6 month session soon…The time will go by quickly! wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-39wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-12wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-20wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-31wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-21wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-6wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-9wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-35wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-30wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-25wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-10wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-11wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-14wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-7wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-4wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-34wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-28wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-27wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-2wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-29wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-16wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-8wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-6

{Yoakum Family}: mini- session

I love this family! Not only do they make every session extra fun! But Dad is always helpful to make his kiddos smile and little promised donut bribery definitely is the trick! I served alongside this sweet mama in ministry…and I long to be as graceful of a mama, wife, friend and leader, as she is! She is called blessed! I love every fall to capture this sweet family as they grow up! These kiddos are funny…There were many photos with tongues sticking out, eyes-crossed, fish lips, laying down, goofy faces, wide-mouth shock faces….I giggled going through editing! Such fun! Enjoy this sweet family! yoakum-family-online-1yoakum-family-online-2yoakum-family-online-3yoakum-family-online-4yoakum-family-online-15yoakum-family-online-5yoakum-family-online-8yoakum-family-online-11yoakum-family-1yoakum-family-online-7yoakum-family-online-6yoakum-family-online-10yoakum-family-online-14yoakum-family-online-12yoakum-family-online-9

{Osborn}: Family Session

This sweet family were all smiles! How cute and stylish is sweet {I}! She just turned 3!! This little one was full of energy…keeping me on my toes. A sweet mini-session for some fall photos! We chased sweet {I} around. She loved throwing rocks, sticks, pine cones in the lake. She loved to swing. Being a little fearless with no hands! She stuck her little toes in the sand and of course she loved seeing the ducks (from a far!). Thank you for the honor of meeting your family! osborn-family-8osborn-family-9osborn-family-6osborn-family-10osborn-family-13osborn-family-7osborn-family-5osborn-family-2osborn-family-18osborn-family-15osborn-family-4osborn-family-1osborn-family-19osborn-family-3osborn-family-16osborn-family-14osborn-family-17osborn-family-11

{A}: 6 month + family session

This sweet family decided to take on the rain. We were shooting the photos with the pond in the background while the sprinkles fell steadily on us! And it was so fun! Once the rain stopped, we were all so happy. (Not just because we would have cut the session short –but because we would have missed the most beautiful after-storm sky! It was gorgeous! And sweet {A} was such angel. Through getting rained on, outfit changes…she was such a great sport. It was truly a pleasure to meet this family. I hope to capture them again as {A} continues to grow! Multi 1Multi 5Multi 6Multi 7Multi 8Multi 3Multi 4Multi 9Multi 10Multi 11Multi 12Multi 18Multi 13Multi 14Multi 19Multi 15Multi 17Multi 20Multi21Multi 2

{K: Birth Story}

Kimberly has been my doula (natural birthing coach) for my past two deliveries.  Kimberly’s career is supporting mother’s as they labor through bringing their child into the world. Kimberly watches mother’s unite with their own children, all while there was a hole in her own heart as she hasn’t known her own birth mom. A precious DNA ancestry gift from a client, began to open the door for Kimberly and her birth mom to be reconnected. The test connected her to a cousin and eventually to her mom. 40 years later, they are united! When she asked me to take photos of their reunion birth, I was honored. Kimberly’s story of adoption, how she found her birth mom is simply beautiful. I love how God is true to His word: “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Just like birth stories, the long time of laboring is quickly overlooked and forgotten, as a mother embraces her beautiful baby. I pray this too would be for Kimberly and her mom–that their togetherness now would overshadow the years apart! Kimberly shared her story here and I know that it is well worth reading. Thank you Kimberly for the honor and joy of capturing these for you and your mom. Multi 1Multi 11multi 3multi 4Multi 5Multi 13Multi 7Multi 12Multi 8Multi 10Multi 2Multi 17Multi 9Multi 19Multi 6Multi 16Multi 14

A + J Session

This morning A + J were all smiles & all boy! I absolutely loved taking their photos! I was incredibly stoked about the Smoky Mountain Model A Club, allowing us the incredible opportunity to take photos of the boys in their antique 1929 & 1930 Ford Model A cars!!! I mean what?!?! What a sweet surprise and fun gift to this family. We almost kept walking by, but I said it doesn’t hurt to ask…and boom…they said yes!! A huge thank you to the http://www.smokymountainmodela.com for letting us capture some priceless photos! And thank you to this sweet family for allowing me to meet their sweet boys! I look forward to capturing them again! Enjoy the session!Multi 1Multi 2Multi 3Multi 4Multi 5Multi 6Multi 7Multi 8Multi 9Multi 10Multi 12Multi 14Multi 15Multi 16Multi 17Multi 18Multi 19Multi 20Multi 21Multi 22Multi 23Multi 24Multi11Multi13Multi 24Multi 25Multi 26

{the art of everyday} a new package

I am excited to announce I will be adding a new package for my clients. lifestyle1

{The Art of Everyday} 

This Lifestyle Session takes place in the every day places of your family life (your home, backyard, favorite park, ice-cream shop etc). Lifestyle photography is a combination of photojournalism and fine art portraiture. This is capturing your family in an authentic way. It’s trading the perfectly posed photo for one that tells a story. I allow the session to unfold naturally which yields images full of raw, genuine emotion. These sessions are shot during the day using natural light and is mostly unposed and photojournalistic creating a sense of undisturbed observance. It’s simply natural, organic, and candid.


• 60 minute long session

• This session includes unposed, prop free lifestyle images

• on-location of your choice

• full resolution digital images

• Includes print release + instant link to download images

Package Collection $200

A 9.25% sales tax will be added on all packages & purchases.   Contact me for package prices or to customize your own package.