{C/P}: Family Christmas Session

What better way to spend the day after Christmas than with this sweet family! I enjoyed our time outside in the crazy warm weather (60’s in December in Tennessee)! It was the perfect day. I love overcast! I loved everything about this session…family…sisters…brothers…cousins…grandparents…seasoned love…young love…mother’s love…mother and father loving their adult daughters, father-son bonding, & of course little boys loving their mamas…you can tell this family loves deeply. And look for the “Argh” pirate, Lighting Bolt “Bolting” & shark, that made it for sure fun from the boys! wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-2wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-3wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-4wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-5wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-6wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-7wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-8wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-9wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-10wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-11wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-12wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-13wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-14wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-15wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-16wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-17wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-18wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-19wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-20wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-21wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-22wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-23wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-24wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-25wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-26wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-27wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-28wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-29wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-30wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-31wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-32wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-33wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-34wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline-35wildblossomphotographyparker-curtsingersessiononline

{Yoakum Family}: mini- session

I love this family! Not only do they make every session extra fun! But Dad is always helpful to make his kiddos smile and little promised donut bribery definitely is the trick! I served alongside this sweet mama in ministry…and I long to be as graceful of a mama, wife, friend and leader, as she is! She is called blessed! I love every fall to capture this sweet family as they grow up! These kiddos are funny…There were many photos with tongues sticking out, eyes-crossed, fish lips, laying down, goofy faces, wide-mouth shock faces….I giggled going through editing! Such fun! Enjoy this sweet family! yoakum-family-online-1yoakum-family-online-2yoakum-family-online-3yoakum-family-online-4yoakum-family-online-15yoakum-family-online-5yoakum-family-online-8yoakum-family-online-11yoakum-family-1yoakum-family-online-7yoakum-family-online-6yoakum-family-online-10yoakum-family-online-14yoakum-family-online-12yoakum-family-online-9

{A}: Newborn Session

I am honored to enter the most precious place: my client’s home to meet their brand new baby! I met this sweet family a few years ago when their oldest was 6 months old. Now he is an older brother. You can’t tell from these photos but we were set up in the bathroom floor. Image me standing on the bathtub to capture some of these overhead. It was the best light in the house…and the great thing is you would never know. Holding this sweetness definitely gave me baby fever. It is amazing how fast they grow, as I just placed my own 5 month old down for bed. She was this little once. Mama, hold onto these new days. Snuggle them longer. Thank you for the honor of capturing these for you! I can’t wait to watch you grow little one! Avery Multi 22Avery Multi 18Avery Multi 10Avery Multi 9Avery Multi 19Avery Multi12Avery Multi 7Avery Multi 6Avery Multi 23Avery Multi 17Avery Multi16Avery Multi 8Avery Multi 13Avery Multi 14Avery Multi 3Avery Multi1Avery Multi 20Avery Multi2

It’s a growING season!!

It’s been a growing season!! My family is growing as we are adding a sweet little bundle this July! Our other one turned two and continues to amaze us with smarts, sweet spirit and how big they grow! My Mops (Mothers of Preschoolers) group is growing and we have a fabulous theme for next year, “Be You Bravely!” Our garden is growing with each rainfall. To watch little seeds (both literally & figuratively) grow and flourish is such an incredible blessing!! I have been one busy mama & wife. And thanks to a fabulous camera I am capturing this growth on film!