{N: 6 month} milestone session

Happy 1/2 birthday!! I love our journey has taken us to Cade’s Cove, my living room, a pumpkin patch and now your bath tub ;)!! I love seeing how much you are growing…every time I turn around it’s time to book your session…and it is always a blast (or this time splash!) I love and am honored to be invited into my client’s home. N’s nursery was woodland themed and I absolutely loved seeing all the details your sweet mama spent on making it perfect for you! It was a usually warm day for January. So outside we went for some sweet photos! Sweet N’s mama has a heart for a similar design style for decor…and this antique wash tub (swoon!). This tub has been passed down generation after generation and each child has been bathed in it. A tradition. A gift. I absolutely love it! See you in 3 months N…keep growing strong, brave and kind!wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-26wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononlinewildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-2wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-27wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-3wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-4wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-10wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-39wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-23wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-28wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-29wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-30wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-11wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-12wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-13wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-5wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-6wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-7wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-31wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-32wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-33wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-14wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-15wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-16wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-34wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-36wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-17wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-21wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-22wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-24wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-25wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-19wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-20wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-37wildblossomphotographydalton6mosessiononline-38

{R-G Family: Christmas Session}

This family…oh the feels…from the long curls on sweet R (makes me think of my own sweet long hair boy)…to the baby growing in mama’s belly…to the snuggles and kisses…giggles and chasing…What a beautiful family! Merry Christmas friends! Congrats on baby #2! I do so hope I get the honor of meeting soon!¬†wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionlinewildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-2wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminiwildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-3wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-4wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-5wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-6wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-7wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-8wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-9wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-11wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-12wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-13wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-14wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-15wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-17wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-18wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-20wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-21wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-22wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-23wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-24wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-25wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-26wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-27wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-28wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-29wildblossomphotographyrgfamilyminionline-30

{M Family Session}:Thanksgiving

Getting the M family together in Tennessee was an answer to many prayers! With a military son and unknown itinerary as they awaited to hear if the military would be granting him a pass home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Mom was sending up lots of prayers so they all could get some family pictures together in Knoxville and I know he was so he could get some sleep ;). They were coming in from Texas, Kentucky and Georgia! What a beautiful growing family they are! I know mom is anxiously awaiting a few more wives and a few more grand babies ūüėČ for her 3 boys…just wait a few more years and those prayers will be answered too! The power of a praying mama moves mountains! It was a pleasure to capture your sweet family!


{the F Family}: Mini-Session

How precious is this sweet family! Sweet baby is 9 months old and I love her facial expressions. Her mama and I share a love for all things vintage. What a beautiful afternoon for fall family photos!


{Yoakum Family}: mini- session

I love this family! Not only do they make every session extra fun! But Dad is always helpful to make his kiddos smile and little promised donut bribery definitely is the trick! I served alongside this sweet mama in ministry…and I long to be as graceful of a mama, wife, friend and leader, as she is! She is called blessed! I love every fall to capture this sweet family as they grow up! These kiddos are funny…There were many photos with tongues sticking out, eyes-crossed, fish lips, laying down, goofy faces, wide-mouth shock faces….I giggled going through editing! Such fun! Enjoy this sweet family!¬†yoakum-family-online-1yoakum-family-online-2yoakum-family-online-3yoakum-family-online-4yoakum-family-online-15yoakum-family-online-5yoakum-family-online-8yoakum-family-online-11yoakum-family-1yoakum-family-online-7yoakum-family-online-6yoakum-family-online-10yoakum-family-online-14yoakum-family-online-12yoakum-family-online-9

{E: 6 month session}

This was a timeless session! The sweet white and blue dress in the first section of images were a family heirloom passed down a generation from the mother’s side. And the quilt is E’s great great great grandmother’s. Both fabrics are tender and aged. But their beauty. Unmatched. Until you place sweet 6 month E in with them. Her expressions. From wonder, to puzzled, to curious, to stoic, to smiley…I have so many more from pouty to unhappy…but let’s stick with the sweetness of this session. We experience real life…but these remind a sweet mom of the fun that 6 months holds. She is beginning to sit and explore by crawling. The time seems to pass too quickly. I am sure E’s grandmother’s and great-great-grandmother felt the same way holding their baby girls too!e6mosessione6mosession3e6mosession2e6mosession9e6mosession5e6mosession10e6mosession6e6mosession7e6mosession8e6mosession11e6mosession12

{Osborn}: Family Session

This sweet family were all smiles! How cute and stylish is sweet {I}! She just turned 3!! This little one was full of energy…keeping me on my toes. A sweet mini-session for some fall photos! We chased sweet {I} around. She loved throwing rocks, sticks, pine cones¬†in the lake. She loved to swing. Being a little fearless with no hands! She stuck her little toes in the sand and of course she loved seeing the ducks (from a far!). Thank you for the honor of meeting your family!¬†osborn-family-8osborn-family-9osborn-family-6osborn-family-10osborn-family-13osborn-family-7osborn-family-5osborn-family-2osborn-family-18osborn-family-15osborn-family-4osborn-family-1osborn-family-19osborn-family-3osborn-family-16osborn-family-14osborn-family-17osborn-family-11

{Kucerova-Baby A}: 15 days New

Little sweet boy 15 days new! This little one was bright-eyed and so strong! This little man could get out of any wrap and he certainly showed his muscles this session. I love his sweet blue eyes. He for sure has his mama’s lips! I love doing¬†¬†mama’s maternity shoot and then having the honor of meeting her little one she was growing in her belly–It’s my favorite! Each newborn session I get baby fever all over again! Sweet baby A, you are so incredibly handsome. Even if you didn’t sleep our whole session. We could stare into your baby blue’s all morning!¬†kucerova21kucerova13kucerova11kucerova25kucerova22kucerova3kucerova7kucerova20kucerova15kucerova23kucerova24kucerova31kucerova27kucerova12kucerova9kucerova10kucerova16kucerova14kucerova26kucerova28kucerova18kucerova19kucerova33kucerova29kucerova32kucerova35kucerova8kucerova-2

{A}: Newborn Session

I am honored to enter the most precious place: my client’s home to meet their brand new baby! I met this sweet family a few years ago when their oldest was 6 months old. Now he is an older brother. You can’t tell from these photos but we were set up in the bathroom floor. Image me standing on the bathtub to capture some of these overhead. It was the best light in the house…and the great thing is you would never know. Holding this sweetness definitely gave me baby fever. It is amazing how fast they grow, as I just placed my own 5 month old down for bed. She was this little once. Mama, hold onto these new days. Snuggle them longer. Thank you for the honor of capturing these for you! I can’t wait to watch you grow little one!¬†Avery Multi 22Avery Multi 18Avery Multi 10Avery Multi 9Avery Multi 19Avery Multi12Avery Multi 7Avery Multi 6Avery Multi 23Avery Multi 17Avery Multi16Avery Multi 8Avery Multi 13Avery Multi 14Avery Multi 3Avery Multi1Avery Multi 20Avery Multi2

{A}: 6 month + family session

This sweet family decided to take on the rain. We were shooting the photos with the pond in the background while the sprinkles fell steadily on us! And it was so fun! Once the rain stopped, we were all so happy. (Not just because we would have cut the session short –but because we would have missed the most beautiful after-storm sky! It was gorgeous! And sweet {A} was such angel. Through getting rained on, outfit changes…she was such a great sport. It was truly a pleasure to meet this family. I hope to capture them again as {A} continues to grow!¬†Multi 1Multi 5Multi 6Multi 7Multi 8Multi 3Multi 4Multi 9Multi 10Multi 11Multi 12Multi 18Multi 13Multi 14Multi 19Multi 15Multi 17Multi 20Multi21Multi 2