{N: 3month} session

Remember this sweet little guy a few months ago??…he still has his full head of hair, sweet cheeks and I just love his little double chin. Baby pudge is my favorite!! He is a sweet little guy extremely loved by his mama and dad! His mama is a natural…which I learned is also a passion extended into her job. I love watching her mother! And dad…of course too! I loved his sweet giggles and can’t wait to see how much he has grown for his 6 month session soon…The time will go by quickly! wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-39wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-12wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-20wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-31wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-21wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-6wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-9wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-35wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-30wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-25wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-10wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-11wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-14wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-7wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-4wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-34wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-28wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-27wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-2wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-29wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-16wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-8wildblossomphotographydalton3mosession-6

{E: 6 month session}

This was a timeless session! The sweet white and blue dress in the first section of images were a family heirloom passed down a generation from the mother’s side. And the quilt is E’s great great great grandmother’s. Both fabrics are tender and aged. But their beauty. Unmatched. Until you place sweet 6 month E in with them. Her expressions. From wonder, to puzzled, to curious, to stoic, to smiley…I have so many more from pouty to unhappy…but let’s stick with the sweetness of this session. We experience real life…but these remind a sweet mom of the fun that 6 months holds. She is beginning to sit and explore by crawling. The time seems to pass too quickly. I am sure E’s grandmother’s and great-great-grandmother felt the same way holding their baby girls too!e6mosessione6mosession3e6mosession2e6mosession9e6mosession5e6mosession10e6mosession6e6mosession7e6mosession8e6mosession11e6mosession12