{the F Family}: Mini-Session

How precious is this sweet family! Sweet baby is 9 months old and I love her facial expressions. Her mama and I share a love for all things vintage. What a beautiful afternoon for fall family photos!


{Yoakum Family}: mini- session

I love this family! Not only do they make every session extra fun! But Dad is always helpful to make his kiddos smile and little promised donut bribery definitely is the trick! I served alongside this sweet mama in ministry…and I long to be as graceful of a mama, wife, friend and leader, as she is! She is called blessed! I love every fall to capture this sweet family as they grow up! These kiddos are funny…There were many photos with tongues sticking out, eyes-crossed, fish lips, laying down, goofy faces, wide-mouth shock faces….I giggled going through editing! Such fun! Enjoy this sweet family! yoakum-family-online-1yoakum-family-online-2yoakum-family-online-3yoakum-family-online-4yoakum-family-online-15yoakum-family-online-5yoakum-family-online-8yoakum-family-online-11yoakum-family-1yoakum-family-online-7yoakum-family-online-6yoakum-family-online-10yoakum-family-online-14yoakum-family-online-12yoakum-family-online-9

{A}: 6 month + family session

This sweet family decided to take on the rain. We were shooting the photos with the pond in the background while the sprinkles fell steadily on us! And it was so fun! Once the rain stopped, we were all so happy. (Not just because we would have cut the session short –but because we would have missed the most beautiful after-storm sky! It was gorgeous! And sweet {A} was such angel. Through getting rained on, outfit changes…she was such a great sport. It was truly a pleasure to meet this family. I hope to capture them again as {A} continues to grow! Multi 1Multi 5Multi 6Multi 7Multi 8Multi 3Multi 4Multi 9Multi 10Multi 11Multi 12Multi 18Multi 13Multi 14Multi 19Multi 15Multi 17Multi 20Multi21Multi 2

You are my Sunshine

We explored the pool, beach, sand, shells, little crabs, tide pool & enjoyed our daily bike rides. If there was ever a place I would want to move to- my heart is in Hilton Head Island, SC. The pure joy of watching giggles discovering waves. Over and over contagious laughter was the joy of my heart. I want more of that. I could drink it up!! I think God views us, his children like that. When we extend grateful hearts, filled with joy of the things He gives us- He finds joy! Much like I did, here. This was a fun trip for this mama!










{J}: 11 month Session

J’s 11 month session: been taking these sessions each month with the chalkboard sign. She has grown so much since week 1. The older she got the more I had to keep the chalkboard sign away from her curious fingers. I finally let her grab the sign- because it was going to be changed to 1 YEAR next! She started to stand up and take her first steps!!! Growing so fast!!!