the Story behind the name

Yellowstone, Montana: September 8, 2012
Birthplace of Wild Blossom Photography
Montana. On this trip, I journeyed to a place where wild things are everywhere. We would see wild bears, wild elk, wild moose with their wild twin babies, and would walk by wild rivers. We saw wild flowers, everywhere. This image was captivating to me. The flowers grew/thrived right next to something so dangerous, something wild. Boiling geyser water. Out of control. It was WILD to me that they would BLOSSOM in this type of environment. The birth of my photography business name. I had thrown around some names for my business, but this one came after I finished editing my cousin’s maternity session. That was something WILD too. Imagine: 8 months pregnant. On a horse. Bareback. It was my wild suggestion. She was wild enough (some would say crazy) to actually let me photograph her up there. The start of my photography business has been wild. It is wild to see how each image contains a story. There is something dangerously wild about those blossoms in Montana. And there is something wildly amazing what blooms in my heart when I am behind my lens. Thank you for creativity and vision blossoming deep in my heart while in the wildness of Yellowstone & thank you God for blossoming deep into the wildness of my heart.242824_365652433513042_1254718280_o.jpg615572_365650600179892_1101990218_o.jpg