what to expect

{ before, during and after }

o   Consultation (phone, email or in person)
o   custom editing / post-processing
o   a sneak peek uploaded to blog/facebook/email within 1-2 weeks
o   high resolution images with a print release within 2-4 weeks

*locations further than an 30 minute drive from Loudon, TN may be subject to travel fee.
*A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at booking. 

{ what to wear and other details }

Keep it classic, simple, layered, accessorize, but not too much, think fashionable 10 years from now. But most importantly let what you wear be YOU! All sessions feel free to bring sentimental items you’d like to include in the pictures.

Families – When there are more than two of you…think complementary colors, neutrals or shades of the same hue. Try not to be too matchy.

Maternity – We want to see the bump! The best time to book a maternity shoot is between 28-34 weeks.

Newborn Session – After booking your due date, I will make myself available to schedule your session after their arrival. The best age to photograph a newborn is 5-10 days. A week old is perfect! A few days before, check around your house for the best time of day/window with good lighting – I will use natural light. I don’t use flash. I will photograph your little one next to a window or door in your home. We will turn up the heat at home to keep that bundle warm. Keep in mind if we aren’t sweating, baby isn’t warm enough. Turning it up 10 minutes before I arrive would be great, so we don’t’ delay our time and baby’s slumber. Make sure that your little one is well fed (a food coma stage!) You certainly can be feeding them right before I arrive to time it right. Keeping the diaper off or loose before I arrive will reduce red lines on the skin. Feel free to have a special blanket, bow, hat, crocheted accessory for this special session. If there are some creative ideas you specifically want to do let me know and I will certainly try my best to provide. We will spend 1-2 hours for newborn session in your home. Towards the end of the session, I would love to get some shots with mom & dad, maybe even a few sibling shots at the end. Solid black is very flattering for a new mom, but feel free to add color.

Babies/Kids – There will be distractions, running noses and spit-up. Bring a few favorite toys, Kleenex, snacks and wipes to help keep these little ones camera-ready.

Seniors – If there is any props you want to highlight that have been a defining part of your four years in high school, feel free to bring them with you. Ie: football helmet, soccer ball, cheerleading pom-poms, band instrument, etc.

Remember these shoots are going to highlight you/your family. Just the way you were created! Being as natural as you can be and displaying your personality will certainly capture the true essence of you, your family, and your life.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.